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Restructuring - Conversion - Repositioning

The fundamental activity of iCube can be summed up in its management capacity and its partners to manage complex situations of restructuring or industrial conversion. This also takes place through the search for the necessary capital aimed at organized company’s growth, the development of new markets, entry or expansion into new segments and seeking third industrial opportunities. Also iCube redesigns industrial processes and indicates how to proceed to a targeted cost reduction and appropriate “right sizing” of the primary assets of the company, including management assessment and interim management where necessary.


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first step

Company Assessment & Deal Organization

iCube approach to customer’s expectation

We start via a deep diving approach of critical phases and processes within the company by focusing to financial, manufacturing and operations critical aspects, with the aim to establish a perfect starting point for a short, medium and long term strategic planning.

This will act as a compass for any future development always supported by iCube.

second step

Mergers and Acquisition

iCube mission is devoted to pre and post M&A deal but it can also supports and help the company in many other aspect not correlated to it such as advisors selection, target definition.

In this case we can also support phases such as Business Plan due diligence NBO or BO despite they do not represent the core mission of iCube.

third step

Value Creation

iCube main goal could be summarized in management’s capabilities and partners familiarity to manage complexsituations such as restructuring as well as industrial transformation, as well as any sort of high complexity project.

This through capital rising oriented to re-shape the company towards new horizons, new markets and penetrating new segments.

iCube could also help in re-designing industrial processes in order to reduce company’s costs by sliming down structures and simplifying processes, via traditional and not traditional tools such as management Assessment if needed.

Focus iCube


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fase 1
fase 2
  • Operation preparation.
  • Documents and financial statements provided by the client.
  • Preliminary Due Diligence.
  • Client’s structure inspection in order to precisely define its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Final report with clients’ performance evaluation and assessment of what is needed for potential solutions or exit strategy.
  • Definition of a Business Plan concerning the potential implementation of suggested initiatives.
  • Clients’ activity redefinition while identifying both financial and strategic initiatives.
fase 3
  • Transformation: financial restructuring, use of loans, reorganisation, consolidation, debts repayment and legal support.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings: negotiations and agreements with creditors, bankruptcies, bankruptcy claw-back.
  • Negotiation.
  • Project Management on huge and complex projects within the Operations, Commercial and Financial fields.
  • Commercial development and/or industrial development on new markets.

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