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iCube Innovation

iCube innovation stems from the desire for research and change that characterizes the century in which we live, in the constant search to understand the "Macro Trends"; it places itself at the center of issues for environmental protection, the search for innovative materials and everything that has the ultimate aim of improving the consumer's living conditions while protecting the environment.

It wants, in a clear and linear way, to seek financial and economic resources to support the transformation of patented projects and research into finished products, enhancing their potential and making use of the immense know-how of the actors involved.

iCube Innovation is also an "incubator" for innovative start-ups and initiatives that are always targeted and based on the research of those trends that are commonly defined as global "macro-trends", such as pollution and global warming, recycling and reduction of waste, that is central and crucial issues, for which the search for innovative solutions becomes more imminent every day.

Robotics, nanotechnology, innovative resources, smart materials and water treatments are just some of the materials considered fundamental; iCube Innovation, for example, focusing on new materials and water treatment, wants to provide studies and patented research to those actors who, by making their own facilities and know-how available, will share the mission of iCube innovation to create innovative products .

These "Macro Trends", which are more commonly defined as the main issues to be addressed, find answers in the creation of innovative products, conceived thanks to research and development; this leads to the creation of specific assets for sectors that contribute to the growth of these problems

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What are these sectors, directly or indirectly, a cause of pollution, global warming and waste of resources? The sectors most affected are:



Metallurgical industries

Industries that use metals and derivatives

INDUSTRIES WITH PLASTIC USE (all those industries that have a massive use of the plastic component in their core business)



Where there is research or a start-up, iCube Innovation has the ambition to provide services, activities and consultancy to support their development in a short time

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